How to choose the bridal hair flowers for your big day!

How to choose the bridal hair flowers for your big day!

The bridal hair flowers are the finishing compliment to a perfect wedding dress and it will be range from a simple fresh flower to dazzling hair pieces with various kinds of stuff like feathers, beads and lace.

While choosing the hair flower for your wedding day, you must have to first determine the theme. Many of the brides would make the mistake by having their hair pieces designed to match the colours of their wedding. This idea would be a great option for the bridesmaids, but not for the bride. As a bride, you are the one in centre of attraction of the show and wearing a hair piece that matches the rest of the wedding is going to cause you to fuse in. You must start to think about your wedding hair flower only after you have purchased your bridal dress and when you have decided on all the final alterations. Note that your wedding hair piece should complement only your bridal attire, but not the rest of the wedding venue!

Some of the ideas for the wedding hair flowers:

Fresh flowers are being chosen by some of the brides for their wedding to adorn their hair. Many flowers having an intoxicating fragrance such as gardenia, lilies, and freesia would fill the air with a delight perfume. Some other flowers like fresh ivy leaves, myrtle and boxwood would make an adorable green backdrop to set off the beautiful colours of the flowers.

Suppose you are person one who prefers to have the mild fragrance and not the strong fragrance, there are also several types of flowers that would suit you too.  Most of the roses bought from the florist do not have the fragrance because they are usually cut from the plants before they are fully opened.

How to store the fresh flowers?

All the fresh flowers for your bridal hair style must be stored in a dark and cool place until the final moment for your wedding. You can cut the stems of the flowers at an angle of 45 degree, place them in cool water and mist the flowers to keep them well hydrated. You can store them in refrigerators but make sure that they are not stored next to vegetables and fruit since that will destroy them. The insulated ice chest that is filled with ice could be used to store some small floral pieces like corsages and hair clips, etc.