It Is Totally Possible to Change the Way CBD Tastes - Mask Its Flavor Using These Tips

It Is Totally Possible to Change the Way CBD Tastes – Mask Its Flavor Using These Tips

CBD has taken over the world by storm and with every passing day the number of CBD users gradually increases. CBD aka cannabidiol extracted from cannabis is non-psychoactive and helps in treating many conditions including insomnia, pain, mood swings, nausea and anxiety. There are various ways to ingest CBD oil.

CBD has an earthy and nutty flavor, which some find off-putting. Many popular CBD manufacturers are coming up with creative solutions to make the CBD experience better for users. CBD is no regular pill. There are cool ways to get it into your bloodstream without letting the flavor get to you.

CBD flavored vapes:

CBD oil that is taken sublingually or orally is no doubt effective but those who are particular about the flavor and expect instant effects find vaping to be the best option. Purchasing vaping accessories and CBD vape oil from trustworthy CBD vendors is your key to an effective and safe CBD experience.

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Other ways to mask the taste of CBD oil:

Not everyone is comfortable with vaping. Beginners especially find it easy to ingest CBD in the edible form because of its ease of use. You can try the following tips to make the flavor of CBD oil.

  • Complete it with a snack: Every time you are about to take CBD, grab your favorite snack like chocolate. You can consume it a minute of after ingesting CBD oil so that the taste of the snack remains.
  • Mint: Mint, chewing gum or tic tac can be taken after you consume the oil. Alternatively, you can place pint under your tongue when consuming the oil so that you end up with a refreshing palette.
  • Brush teeth before taking CBD oil: If you are someone who takes CBD every morning/ night, brushing prior to taking CBD oil helps. The toothpaste masks the flavor of CBD.
  • Make a CBD hot drink: Many start their day with a CBD infused coffee/ tea or any other hot drink of your choice. When you are taking it with a hit drink, make sure you consume it while it is hot so that the oil doesn’t separate from the drink.
  • Smoothie: CBD doesn’t usually work well with cold drinks other than smoothies. You can have a CBD infused smoothie post-workout to ease your muscle tension.
  • Add it to food: CBD is easily absorbed into cookies, salad crackers and other confectioneries. The absorption rate is slower this way but the taste is definitely better.
  • Vcaps: There are empty capsules available inside which you can place the CBD oil and swallow it like a usual pill.

CBD provides effective relief from many health conditions. It is nothing like traditional medicine that involves gulping the med too soon to avoid its taste. CBD oil can be consumed by even the most sensitive eaters by masking its flavour.