The Secret Information To Studio Ghibli Merch

The Studio Ghibli Merch Assortment is a must-have for all followers of this well-known Japanese animation studio. These are the very best gifts for Studio Ghibli fans! 2011 Ghibli no Hondana Ghiblis Bookshelf Accompanying the release of Arrietty, this documentary, originally broadcast on BS Nippon Tv, explores the influence of children’s literature on Miyazaki and Takahata body of work and Studio Ghibli as a whole. The big-framed spirit from My Neighbour Totoro became the mascot of the corporate not long after its release. Despite Totoro being the mascot for the studio, it’s Spirited Away that’s the biggest movie launch of their catalog. As they explore their new home, they start to befriend numerous spirits from the neighboring forest, together with Totoro. read more